Saturday, May 16, 2015


(..... on the glass)...Anybody Home?????

Just an update to let everybody know that I am still alive. And blogger has changed everything!! so I guess I must relearn how to do this.  I was trying to post a linked tag to MSF for the yarnharlot's bike ride this year and maybe get in some practices for the TourDeFleece and/or the TourDeSock.  Looks like the learning curve is high this year.


Friday, July 18, 2014

attempting...... grow without killing it!
my attempt at growing cotton continues: the picture shows 3 types. from front to back is ojito pueblo(a white), s. fox (brown) and tall tines(brown). the fourth pot was an unidentified white found growing on the side of the road.  It never sprouted. I think I planted it too deep.
the first flower is just starting to open on the ojito. I also tried to get a picture of the resident prey mantis. I used to have several that showed up every year and live in my vintage wisteria. But drought and age killed the plant, tho several seeds and runners have emerged.  This year the mantis is in the cotton....yaaa!!!! less need for me to pick pests by hand.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

hello! I have been busy, these first pictures are of some handtowels that I wove for an exchange. They are woven of 8/2 cotton in a turned twill/satin threading.

 Most where woven with 3 colors on black, brown and natural. Two where woven with 6. I like the 3 colored ones better, but sent them all, but one that had too many skips and misses.

My loom in the corner of the living room: a 12 harness LeClerc Nilart. HUGE!!!!!

And finally: a month in the waiting. An Eco Print on Silk: blood oranges. STinky! but fun. still needs a wash and a press,

Friday, July 19, 2013's been a while......

Hello! (tap tap tap on the glass)....are you there?  I haven't been. I've been away awhile, I guess.   I suppose that I can post some of the stuff that has gone on since the last time we talked, maybe. I'm not going to stew over it if I don't.
In other news, I have a bigger weaving loom since last we talked. I had voiced a pipe dream to the winds, and they heard. And answered! I sold my little 24 inch LeClerc Nilus-4 harness, 6 treaddles- to help subsidize a 45 inch Nilart with 12 harnesses and 14 treadles. Talk about expanding one's horizons!  I have had this loom up in the front room for almost 2 years now and I still have to remind myself that I am not limited to the 4 harness and 6 treadles of the Nilus. Altho......I do miss the ease of working on the Nilus. The Nilart is the exact same loom with the exact same mechanisms, but is just HUGE!. Compare a vintage '63 VW van to a '63 VW bug. 
 Above is the only picture I can locate, at the moment of the new loom. I am consolidating my life from three different computers to one and a smarter-than-me phone, so I have more, somewhere.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

weaving in Japan

saving this address of weaving in Japan: Yuki-tsumugi . cool!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yes! I still walk this planet. No, I haven't fall off the edge and been eaten by the dragonnes. I've just been busy, that's all. Maybe I'll post some pictures on another post.

Thursday, March 04, 2010



The yarn is Kauni, from Denmark, in the colors EQ and ES on US4. Yes, the sleeves are 3/4. It seems that I am always pushing my sleeves up, so making them short means that I can keep them out of the way. I finished on the way home from Stitches West. I found the buttons there, but can't remember the vendor's name: she sells plastic resin hand made buttons that are machine washable and dryable. NOT that this sweater is ever going near a washer and dryer. Anyway, the original pattern is called 'Ruth's Kauni Cardigan', but I used an Alice Starmore pattern called 'Rosemarkie'. Had to do some math, as Ruth's original pattern wasn't big enough for me and to fit in the Starmore patterning. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the finished product and it was a lot of fun to knit.